I was about eleven years old, and was awed by some of the black and white photographs I had seen in newspapers and magazines (yes, this was in the 1950’s and black and white was king, well actually it was King George vi).  The black and white images just seemed to draw me in, I could just feel the mood and was not sidetracked by colour.

Somehow I managed to be the proud owner of a Zeiss Ikon camera, which was quite a camera in those days, not sure where or how mum managed to get me the beast, but anyway I was hooked. I fiddled with settings on the camera, not knowing what did what, and somehow  muddled through.    Years later I took some courses on photography at a local community college, and eventually enlisted in the Royal Navy.  My interest in photography grew and I switched trades from aviation mechanic and studied at the Joint Services School of Photography in England.  Today, I am happy to say that I know the difference between an F stop and a bus stop, and a shutter speed and a speeding ticket. I no longer have the Zeiss Ikon camera but I do have quite a collection of old cameras ranging from folding bellows cameras to 8×10 view cameras and a lot of antique photo equipment.

I won’t bother you with qualifications or awards, as an old friend once said “you are only as good as your last photograph”.  Check out my photo portfolio and see what you think. Along the way I have had the opportunity to photograph many people and places, in all kinds of situations and feel that I am suitably qualified for pretty much any photo assignment, so keep this in mind when you need a photographer for your social event, business portrait or family get together.  

Recently I have taken up cycling, nothing serious just for exercise, I bought a mountain bike ( I know, not too many mountains down here in the low country), but it is a fun way to get some exercise and see some of our wildlife on the bike trail.  I plan on getting a British helmet some day, so if you are out on the trail and see a white haired bloke with a British flag on his head, give him a wave, who knows I might just take a photo of you!