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Where are my pictures?   If you have been granted access to a gallery, log in first, then click on My Pictures next to your name toward the top left corner of the screen.

What is My Pictures?   My Pictures are galleries that have limited access to them that you have access to.

Will the pictures I select stay in my shopping cart?   Yes. Your pictures will stay in your shopping cart until you either place the order or delete them yourself. 

I can’t seem to log in.

Click on the folder you want to open.

gallery folders




Log in information is case sensitive, be sure you have entered it correctly. If you have forgotten your password, click on the forgot password link on the login screen. 

I have been sent access information for a gallery, what do I do?


Click the Access Gallery link. Enter in the access code on that page. If correct, you will be able to view the gallery. If you have an account and are logged in, then you will only have to do this once and this gallery will be listing in My Pictures. 



How do I make the photo larger for viewing?

Click on an image thumbnail and it will open in a larger view, move your mouse over the expanded image and it will zoom in for a closer view.







How do I order?    When you click on an image the order selection page will open.
order page







Select the appropriate order menu as desired.

Order menu







A word about digital files.

The digital revolution has brought many changes to the photographic industry and beyond. 
Digital files are not the complete answer to peoples imaging needs, although having them is a safety issue, the only way to ensure an archival record of your image is with a professionally printed photograph. Digital files may be lost, the media to view will change and a CD is not forever. This is why Mike Bowden Photography does not sell image files on their own. We offer the following:

Purchase a package or ala carte portrait and the digital file(s) will be an option to purchase, this way you will have the best of both worlds, a professionally edited and printed portrait plus if you wish, the digital file(s) to share on social media or make small prints either at home or your local lab. 

Once an image file leaves the studio we know that the quality that we envisioned may not shine through when printed at a local lab or at home, that is why we still offer to make quality portraits for you through our pro lab after your purchase of files.

Whatever your needs are we trust that we may fulfill them for you.