Dance photography

It has been our pleasure to have photographed the dancers of United We Dance studio for several years, and we look forward to serving the needs of the dancers, their parents and the staff of United We Dance again this year.  We will be on location at their new dance studio location in the Oakbrook shopping centre May 26th through the 28th and June 1st 2015.  In our endeavor to assist the parents and dancers with the order forms, we have added them to our website so that you may in the comfort of your home or office view the packages and fill out the forms, and then print them and bring them  with you on the days of photography.           Having the forms filled out prior to the photography will help us focus more on the photography and enable us to keep a busy schedule running on time.           The order form PDF links are conveniently listed below.  Should you not have a PDF reader on your computer there is a link to to download the free reader program.

It will be appreciated if you are punctual for your group photos, since should you miss the group photo we will not be able to fit you in later, this is due to printing deadlines for the recital program and printing time for the finished packages.

Make sure that your dancer has everything needed for the group and individual photos, we will be taking full length photos so make sure they are dressed appropriately from head to toe, and that hair is neatly groomed as needed for the costume they will be wearing

Please note that the forms will be best viewed in Internet Explorer. they may be viewed in other browsers but not all features may be displayed.

We have tried to make the order form as simple as we could, however should you have any questions regarding the photo packages or group photos please email us using the contact page on our website.  We appreciate your help in making the photo event run smoothly and look forward to seeing you on the day.

IMG_7524Title_UWD.jpgIMG_7521_cropped.jpgIMG_7534_cropped - Copy.jpgIMG_7619BW - Copy - Copy.jpgIMG_7683BW-Edit - Copy - Copy.jpgIMG_7729_BW - Copy - Copy.jpgIMG_7735_BW - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpgIMG_7755_BW_stroke - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpgIMG_7806_BW - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpgIMG_7808_BW - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpgIMG_7836BW - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpgUnited We Dance1 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpg
Please click on the links below to access the order form.

Please note that the forms will be best viewed in Internet Explorer. they may be viewed in other browsers but not all features may be displayed.

Individual dancer photo order form 2015

Dance Groups 2015


If you need a PDF reader please click the Adobe icon and download the free version.


Sample photographs of groups and individuals are shown in the gallery below:

ABC.jpgAYO.jpgBe Italian.jpgBoogie Shoes.jpgCover Girl.jpgDing Dong.jpgDoctor Jazz.jpgJr Divas.jpgMovement for Spring.jpgOh so quiet.jpgRed Rover.jpgShoeless Joe.jpgSo much betta.jpgWe go together.jpgWinter.jpg

Cook,Ansley_C.jpgCover Girl-c97.jpgDance Magazine 2014 Viduya.jpgEmma Coutto_C.jpgEmma Ross_C.jpgEnsminger,A_B split.jpgEstes,Angelina_B+L.jpgFugate,M_C.jpgGabbie and Gracelyn Gleason_D.jpgGraziani,Jillian_C.jpgInnocence.jpgJessie Turnbpw_D.jpgKenzi UWD Mag 2014.jpgLatin Party-c10.jpgLima_S_C.jpgLimehouse,Ella,_C.jpgMegan Lewis_E.jpgOberman,Ashley_C+O.jpgRivers_Aliyah_A.jpgRobinson,F_C-split.jpgRossC split sisters_.jpgSidney Lima_C.jpgSydney Sinnons_C.jpguntitled-7290.jpguntitled-7297.jpguntitled-7298.jpguntitled-7300.jpguntitled-7308.jpguntitled-7315.jpguntitled-7317.jpguntitled-7323.jpguntitled-7327.jpguntitled-7332.jpguntitled-7335.jpguntitled-7342.jpguntitled-7354.jpguntitled-7357.jpguntitled-7360.jpguntitled-7365.jpguntitled-7371.jpguntitled-7372.jpguntitled-7384.jpguntitled-7386.jpguntitled-7395.jpguntitled-7416.jpguntitled-7433.jpgWesthead_Karen_C.jpgWolfe_Kay Lyn_D-2.jpg

Click on an image to view an expanded view, and then use the arrows to navigate through the photographs.