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Castle Combe

I turn back the pages of the book of memory. I bring you thoughts of past years and old time friends.  I keep forever green the happy hours of childhood.  I dull the pangs of bereavement and blunt the edge of the grim reapers scythe.  I carry the news of the world, and bring you visions of far distant lands.  Our modern civilization is largely dependent on my efforts.  Though men may pass and empires crumble to dust, my magic will preserve their likeness for future generations.  Not purse proud, I am within reach of all.  I solve mysteries impenetrable to mortal eyes; I ferret out the criminal when other means have failed.  I illumine the pages of history, and make learning possible for the multitude.  Born instantaneously in a ray of light, I become everlasting.  As necessary in war as in peace, I am man’s servant, and yet his master.  I am an art – and yet a business.  I am photography.

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  1. Love the new web site. The photos of the children are lovely. Very impressed.

  2. I really enjoyed your new website.
    As always, we’ve appreciated your abilities and creativity with all of our photo sessions with you.
    From our wedding photo’s to our family portraits and the candid shots on Isle of Palms, we will be back for more memories.

  3. Is that Castle Combe? It looks like it. Great photos.

    1. It sure is, that was a great day there, good memories of a beautiful day in a beautiful village.

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